Saturday, November 17, 2007

Congrats to Ilya

Ilya Bryzgalov was claimed on waivers by the Phoenix Coyotes earlier today and then started in the afternoon matinee against the L.A. Kings. Guess he was more-than-ready to change zip codes as all he did was go put up a 27 save, 1-0 shutout.

Bryzgalov always did a good job when called upon in Anaheim and as Brian Burke said, he helped them win some playoff series. Burke made a promise that if he couldn't trade him, he would put him on waivers and to the GM's credit, he did. Edmonton, Washington and Buffalo all passed on him so Gretz and the Yotes got themselves a helluva goaltender. I am a fan as Bryzgalov helped win me a fantasy league or two by putting up great numbers as a third goalie on my teams.

I am also a bigger fan as it opens up a slot in Portland of the AHL that should go to Mike McKenna. Jonas Hiller, who had been starting for the Pirates, will back up Jiggy in Anaheim. McKenna is a nice kid who I have been talking to for several years and should become a helluva NHL goaltender someday. Keep an eye out!

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