Friday, November 30, 2007

He's Ba-ack 2

If you don't read Kukla's Korner, you are really missing out - the guy finds some really great stuff every day on all things hockey.

One of today's great finds, is a piece from the CanWest News Service (like the AP but only in western Canada) that the National Post put up on someone near and dear to Rangers fans - Theo Fleury. Apparently, he is going to be starring in a reality tv show ... on the Home and Garden Network. Seriously; read all about it.

I sadly can't find the feature that TSN did on him a year or so ago when he first got into the cement business, but it showed a calmer, more relaxed Theo than the coke-and-booze-bingeing psychotic who started fights at strip clubs before heading overseas and trying to kill a ref and some fans.

While I think that the show may prove to be a fun success, I still think its a shame Theo couldn't handle life in the NHL without booze. The post-lockout rules definitely are more favourable for a player of his size and lord knows, the league right now could use his flair and zest for the game ...

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Loser Domi said...

Hmmm...this could prove to be an interesting excursion. however, I gather that we'd all get sick of the inevitable "soild" puns in short order.