Saturday, November 10, 2007

9-7-1: Rangers Clean Up The Leafs

So I am at work and have a ton to do so I can't pay as much attention as needed/deserved to the game but I will try to update as play goes on, lol:

*Avery going after Blake and Tucker before the game = priceless. Tucker should be fined for slashing and trying to punch him tho. Talk as much as you like, but getting physical can escalate into that Slap Shot stuff the league is trying to separate itself from. Sticks and stones may break Tucker's bones and words really hurt him; I wonder if Sean started talking shit about Blake's having cancer. It really sucks that MSG played all that video without nat sound and goes to support Jeremy Roenick's idea that the NHL would do well on HBO.

*Speaking of that, I love how its Tucker (and the rest of the Leafs) going after Avery, rather than vice versa. Proof positive that Sean is doing his job well. Oh yeah, same with that Gordie Howe hat trick!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: see the bottom of this post for a great compilation of all Sean did in the game ...

*I love how when they did the pregame HHOF intros and called Messier the best leader in history, MSG cut to Mats Sundin standing there. That's just pretty damn funny.

*The soldier who did the national anthems did a phenomenal job.

*Hossa blows. I've officially had enough of his offensive incompetence. Marty Straka get well soon please so we can get rid of him. Ooo, he drew a few penalties ... big deal. And I don't care that he got the shootout winner. If he hadn't blown two chances ealier, they wouldn't have had to go to such lengths.

*For spending so many games getting splinters in his ass, Vally came out strong ... and made a huge save on Boyd Devereaux when Jagr turned over the puck at the Rangers blue line. He is sitting back and letting the puck hit him, which is great considering how big he is. He has been playing almost a standup style, lookin' a lot like Eddie Mio out there!

*Without a white stripe at the bottom of their jerseys, the Leafs look like big, blue blobs on the plasma tv I am watching. Blue Meanies! Ha!

*As much as I talk up Girardi and Toots here, they let Antropov and Pontikarovsky skate in without touching them and that allowed the first Leafs goal. Weak. Even weaker was that half-hearted punch Gomez through at Toskala that drew the penalty. If you are gonna hit a guy, hit him!

*Rozy's piss-poor defensive work helped compound the horrible turnover that gave the Leafs the game-tieing goal. Pathetic.

*Wait a sec, in the third period now, Girardi and Toots are on different pairings. Was it like that before? What? Why? Goddamn Renney. And now later in the third they are back. I am confused. Maybe just a few bad changes? Damn distracting work.

*Vally just pulled a Hank, coming out and turning over the puck. When will Rangers goaltenders realize they HAVE TO STAY IN THE CREASE?!?!?!

*Gomez has just been bad. Shanny is working his ass off, Sean is being Sean, and Gomez is not pulling his load. He will not live up to his contract, that's a given, but he has to at least be serviceable.

*Side note: I am watching the Raptors NBA game and their SportsCentre in-game breaks are led by Leafs Rangers highlights. Its awesome. Gotta love Canada.

*Vally's poor parents. I saw they talked to them earlier, but can you imagine what the third period and OT was like? Not to mention the shootout ...

*PHW Players of the Game?!? What is this garbage?
NYR: Shanny
Tor: Pontikarovsky

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Marc Staal - again, the best defenseman on the Rangers blueline.
2-Sean - Gordie Howe hat trick. I love it.
1-Vally - He won the biggest game of the year last year, I didn't doubt him for a second.

And as promised - a great YouTube of Avery's work in the game (that Sam posted first):


Loser Domi said...

I'm just surprised that (according to the video) Sean wears glasses. Especially kinda thick rimmed ones. That was a wee bit unexpected

Loser Domi said...

but you are right--that would have been great to have the audio