Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Old Time Hockey Player

I could go into a rant as to how much Versus sucks but we all know that. If last night's Flames game - or hockey in general - was on ESPN2, then the entire world would know just how awesome Dion Phaneuf is. In a year that Scott Stevens is inducted into the Hall of Fame, this generation's version is maturing and cementing his place in the pantheon of top NHL defensemen.

Just take a look at the YouTube below, he makes an incredible hit, and then does the right thing and throws down his gloves to take on retribution. He loses the fight but for not cowering and running to the bench (as so many Flyers often do), he deserves an attaboy.

As always, I gotta say thanks to Hockey Fights for uploading or finding all of the fisticuffs in the league.

They also have the other fight that happened last night - Brad Isbister vs. Brian Sutherby. I honestly do not know why the Rangers let Isbister go. He is big, he bangs, has no qualms with battling in the crease and he worked well with Jagr. I know Marcel Hossa is younger, but his reticence to go to the net really makes him useless. Well, that and his lack of skill but whatever. For some reason, with Isbister, KC and the Sunshine Band didn't feel any kind of obligation to keep him in the lineup while they seem to do everything they can to keep him dressed. I wonder if Hossa has pictures of Renney's wife or something ...

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