Friday, November 2, 2007

Lock Him Up

Lost in my joy from yesterday's game was an awful transgression that I witnessed on the way to the Garden.

A horrible act of criminality that should result in some form of dramatic punishment like they had in medieval dungeons.

What I saw, what I saw .... it was terrible ... it was scarring. It was criminal!

Some dude on the subway was holding his Rangers jersey and using it to hold onto the pole.

Can you imagine?!?!

A Rangers sweater is a sacred article of clothing, a beacon of honour, dedication, integrity and pride ... and this guy was rubbing it on the chrome pole that is covered with germs, feces and who knows what!

I couldn't bring myself to take an actual picture but you get the image. I just shuddered and muttered "disgusting" at the guy but someone should give him a one-way trip to Abu Ghraib and give him a new jersey to wear!


Loser Domi said...

There, there, Scotty. *pats shoulder* It'll be OK soon...

The Dark Ranger said...

The Dark Ranger HAS ELIMINATED THAT HERETIC! I promise you will never see that fella again. DARK looks after, not only NYR bloggers day & night, but helpless Rangers' jersies as well.

Good night - you have every reason to sleep now, Scotty. Plus we won.