Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are You Brave Enough?

Internships: Marketing
Street Team - New Jersey Devils (Newark, NJ)

Internship Description
· Hand out Devils Ticket information, pocket schedules and upcoming events flyers
· Setup, operate and break down the Street Team inflatables, interactive games, tents and tables
· Distribute premium items and maintain an accurate inventory of product
· Collect information from target consumers through contests
· Take photos at events
· Other duties as needed

In addition your assistance could be needed with the following
· Alumni player appearances
· Devils Dancers appearances
· N.J.’s appearances

Length of Internship
· August – November 2009

· Valid drivers license, good driving record
· Must be able to have a flexible schedule and be able to work days, nights and/or weekends
· Must be professional, energetic and dependable

· Khaki pants or shorts (no cargos)
· Clean sneakers
· A shirt and hat will be provided by the New Jersey Devils

· This internship is paid. You will receive $9.00 per hour for each event (min. 4 hours)
· Resume builder
· Community relations experience
· Fun atmosphere
I would have thought that part of the internship would be to get Mmmmaaaarrrtttyyyy his daily dose of donuts, but I guess that is Paul Martin's job ...


Anonymous said...

Could be worse, the job could include selling team jerseys of numerous failed players brought in by a failed organization over the past 5 years at deep discount twice in one summer. Wait a minute.....

Author said...

Gotta love those anonymous posters....put a name to the ink you spill ;)

Anonymous said...

And if I put my name to it, what difference does it make? Puck Central does not really reveal much about yourself other than you name yourself after a location or idea.

Author said...

I'm not telling you to inform us all of your name, address & phone number ;)

Puck Central tells you that I'm the person from the blog, not 100% revealing but you know where I'm coming from basically.

Anonymous said...

Well from my previous post, I think it is quite obvious where I am coming from. I just find it a little hypocritical that Scotty posted this article and mocking the Devils and how they run themselves when the Rangers organization and team are in far worse shape and where the owners are familiar with dealing with workplace sexual harassment lawasuits.

Author said...

It's quite obvious that you are a tool

The Rangers are in far worse shape than the Devils from what stand point? They had one sexual harassment case, so the Devils who play 38 games out of the year (except the 3 games when the Rangers come to Newark) in front of a half empty brand new arena are in better shape?

The Devils owner seems like a great guy (no sarcasm), but unfortunately the organization is not in very good shape. If you think otherwise then obviously you haven't been to "The Pebble" recently.

ILikeBeingAnonymous said...

A tool? Would you rather have a team that wins most of its game, and win 3 stanley cups in the last 15 years or watch a team make bad decision after bad decision and miss the playoffs most of those past 15 years? The Rangers are owned by people who care far more about their terrible basketball team than the Rangers, and insist on leaving Glen Sather at the GM position. I hope Marian "Glass Jaw" Gaborik works out for you guys, otherwise its going to be an uphill battle for the Rangers again this season.

Author said...

First of all it's Marian "Glass Groin" Gaborik, so get it right if you're going to poke fun.

All those great accomplishments that you talk about and the team can't fill the arena w/out the Rangers. Don't talk about what organization is in better shape when your team is on the brink of being the next Phoenix. The Rangers could lose every game next season and still manage to get more people into MSG than "the pebble". Which organization is in better shape realistically?

The Rangers may make dumb moves but they'll always be there to make more dumb moves next year. The Devils on the other hand risk being wiped out of existence with every dumb move they make.

ILikeBeingAnonymous said...

The Devils attendence is about the average for the entire league (and this is according to offical figures, look them up yourself), so you are just guessing at this point. To put them in the same sentence as the Coyotes is laughable, as the Devils have a far better fan base and a much more successful history on the ice. The Rangers on the other hand are in a time warp and are still stuck in 1994, and seem to be hell bent on retiring every # from that one team. The 1994 Rangers (Oilers in disguise) was a flash in the pan that sputtered out in the years after, and soon went on a string of non-playoff appearences. The Devils on the other hand have only been out of playoffs once since they won their first in 1995 and have since won 2 more. The Garden may fill up more often, but at least we do not leave heartbroken most of the time.

Author said...

LOL - have you been to your arena recently?

I don't care what the avg. attendance that is announced is. I've been there and I know what's in the freakin building.

Also, how many of those tickets that are announced are "giveaways"?

Know anyone that goes to school in Newark at the Law School or colleges (Rutgers/NJIT)?They get a free ticket e-mail for pretty much every "Home" game. I know that for a fact ;)

So the arena is half empty AND that's including all the free tickets that were given away. Yeah, that organization is in GREAT shape.

ILikeBeingAnonymous said...

You know nothing of facts, and you cannot prove any of the free ticket give aways, it is just something a few of your little Ranger buddies told you about. I went to about 10 Devils games this past season (none against the Rangers) and except for the super expensive seats in the lower bowl they have sold almost all of the other seats in the arena. I guess Ranger fans, since their team is a disappointment every year, only have attendance figures to make them feel better, since they cannot show anything on the ice. Yeah, Toronto is still selling out too but you know the kind of shape they are in too in terms of on the ice. Funny, how big market teams when failing always go back to the attendence issue with their rivals. When the Rangers win the cup (in 2048 at this rate) then you can say they are in decent shape.

Author said...

You called the Rangers "a failed organization" which runs much further than their performance on the ice.

I know first hand that they give tickets away for free to almost every game - because I've gotten the tickets myself for free!!!

I went to several games... including a Flyers/Devils game & the place was not even 50% full for the 2nd biggest rivalry that the team has.