Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good Luck Freddie

As you may have seen, Freddie Sjostrom got picked up by Calgary today.

Sjostrom's departure became an inevitability when he didn't start scoring at the end of last season despite a move to the third line. Regardless, it is still sad see him go as he was one of the few who truly gave the Rangers everything that he had. Through the blood, sweat and bruises, Sjostrom hustled every moment of every shift and became a huge part of the team - as great as Bettsy was, the combination of the two is what made the penalty kill the best in the NHL.

He will be missed.


Duniyadnd said...

Damn... do I look forward to next year's 10,000 penalty shootouts due to 1-1 games?? Not really.. Sad to see all the players that matter go.

NYR34 said...

Has anyone heard more on the "Betts to Edmonton" front? Brashear's addition makes that an inevitable move, I'm sure.

Sammael said...

please, why in the hell would they break up the one thing that worked from last year?????

so sad.
Sjostrom gone for 1.5 over 2 yrs... are you kidding???? :(