Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Glen Sather didn't sound like he was done on that earlier conference call and John Tortorella told MSG that he didn't think that the Blueshirts were set yet. Looking at the roster there is still a hole down the middle so you would think they will address that - especially if Sather doesn't truly trust Dubinsky as a top line center. So who do they target next?

Brad Richards? The new brass in Dallas were certainly quiet today - all they did was re-sign Jere Lehtinen - and still need to make their stamp on the franchise. Richards was one of the few Stars not to hate Avery, he even came to NY to inaugurate Sean's hipster bar downtown. He would look great feeding Gabby (for the five, 10 games that Gabby is healthy) and comes with a Cup and a Conn Smythe on his resume. He still has some years on his contract but the Dallas defense is perilously thin so they may be interested in Rozy.

Patrick Marleau? His name has been in trade rumours forever. I have no idea what the Rangers have that San Jose would want but he showed last season that he isn't a lost cause, he still can play the game.

Sam Gagner/Andrew Cogliano? These kids were both on the block for Edmonton's prospective deal for Heatley. Seeing as that fell through, the Oilers still need someone to finish those brilliant passes from Ales Hemsky. Nik Zherdev perhaps? Gagner and Cogliano both struggled through their sophomore seasons so they may have worn out a bit of their welcome in Oil Country but the upside is still there.

Borat? Nik Antropov was close to signing with Atlanta at one point in the day but they never came to terms. Perhaps his illogical demands are coming down and he sees some appeal to playing with Gaborik.

Mats Sundin/Robert Lang? I lump the two free agents together because together they are both 38 years old. But, seeing as Sather clearly isn't building for the future, both are smart, capable puck movers. The drawback is that both have lost a step and would likely struggle in Torts' up-tempo system.

Honestly, at this point in time I am not even going to wager a guess. Today Sather signed Donald Brashear and an injury-prone player to a five year deal, who the hell knows what he will do next????


NYR34 said...

Antropov is with Atlanta for 4 years, 16 million.

I never saw him or Morris as more than rentals anyway.

Scotty Hockey said...

Agreed. Maybe he will flourish with Kovy down there. Maybe not. I'm not heartbroken to see him go.

Anonymous said...

I'm not "heart-broken" but I think the team was better for having him here. His leaving just makes us weaker and more phlegmatic on offense. 7 goals and 6 assists in 18 regular season games isn't too bad for a guy who was dropped into an undefined spot on an undefined team that was in danger of not making it to the playoffs.

I'd have an easier time not caring about the little things that Sather isn't doing if he would get the big things done, and show what condition this team will be in come training camp.

Anonymous said...

Don't really want any of those guys. At this point, I'd rather roll with what we got and see how it goes and trade before the deadline if necessary.

We have enough big contracts, and while the oiler kids are definitely good, I'd rather hold onto Z (unless maybe a d prospect went). Even still, time to let our youth get their shot.