Monday, July 13, 2009

Goals By Gabby, Day 1

Since my Bashing Brash week caused so much discussion and interest, I figured I would even up the karma meter and spend this week looking in awe at the scoring prowess of Marian Gaborik. As I said when we signed him, Gaborik is high risk/high reward and the sky is the limit if he stays healthy.

The Garden ice isn't the best for someone with surgically-reconstructed hips and a bad groin but the Rangers have a top notch training staff and New York has some of the best doctors in the world. Hopefully they all can keep this world-class talent in our lineup as much as possible.

Sportsnet's scouting report on Gaborik says that he "is one of the fastest players in hockey, naturally gifted and a constant offensive menace. Has soft hands, elusive one-on-one moves and a quick release." You guys have seen the numbers, Gaborik is at least a point-per-game player when healthy but has missed 138 regular season games due to injury over the last five seasons.

So let's get this week started off right with a scene that will hopefully be re-created many times over this season - Gaborik scoring a sick goal on Mmmmaaaaaaaarrrrtttyyyy (even if it is internationally):



Unknown said...

Wow pretty much sums it up... can't wait to jump out of my seat for goals like that.

Anonymous said...

now this is a better series of videos than that brashear bashing crap.

Anonymous said...

Waaa, poor brashear, stop picking on the monster, waaa.

That was a beautiful goal, though, every time he falls to the ice like that, I'll expect him to break like a china doll.

Yves said...

You're right.. Gaborik is a high risk / high reward player.

If he plays healthy all season.... I really can't guess at what his numbers could be.

He's always fun to watch when he gets going!

s2404 said...

wow is right, sick goal

jamestobrien said...

No one really doubt Gaborik's talents, that's for sure.