Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well, Isn't This Interesting?

Chris Drury's old Buffalo teammate Ales Kotalik, now formerly of the Edmonton Oilers, was just signed by the Rangers. The Ranger beat bloggers don't have it up yet but it is on the front of the team's homepage. More info will follow and I will have more comment later but for right now, I am left wondering if the former Sabre is coming in as an addition to the roster or as a replacement for Nik Zherdev ... We will certainly see ...


NYR34 said...

You know, I thought once or twice in the past seeing this guy what would happen if he were in a Ranger uniform.

This was especially true when he and Afingenov were running into choppy ground up there and there was a lot of talk about moving them.

I think he can bring a good amount to the table in NY - especially if he can elevate Drury's game.

Chris said...

I like this signing. He may not be a superstar or flashy, but his play always caught my eye. Adding Higgins and Kotalik along with Gabby (though the length/$$ of his contract are questionable) very much help offset the signing of Brashear