Wednesday, July 1, 2009


All of the massive goodwill that Glen earned by dealing away the MexiCan't is now gone as Sather has signed Donald Brashear.

Brashear is the worse kind of criminal in hockey and has no place on a NHL roster, much less ours.

The Washington Press tried to spin Brashear's idiotic actions as a product of his hard luck story but the fact is this - Brashear is an animal. Tortorella at times would give Andre Roy one shift per game, Brashear doesn't even deserve that.

If this is some kind of nonsensical PR trick to appeal to the Ice Hockey in Harlem kids, it won't work (Al Montoya anyone?). Color and creed doesn't matter, what is done on the ice does and what Brashear has done is inexcusable and has no place in New York.

I feel sick to my stomach. It is a good thing that the Rangers forced us to pay up front for our season tickets because I wouldn't have renewed.


Sammael said...

I want to vomit.
Now I am extremely thankful I didn't get that Rangers shield tattoo. I would have scratched it off.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is pissing me off more and more. I HATE SATHER AND WANT HIM TO DIE IN A FIRE.

Sammael said...

I don't know what to think about this anymore. :(
Maybe I will be a Blackhawks fan this year, plain and simple.

Switch to Verizon so I don't get HD MSG any longer and stop funding that asshole in charge.

Maybe I can drink enough to stand Islander games... at least I can laugh at their management gaffs.

Pete said...

No, this is a good thing. Maybe while Gary Bettman is busy reprimanding Brashear, he'll forget about how much he hates Sean Avery.

Pete said...

You know, Slats could have just brought back Ryan Hollweg if he wanted someone to get into fights, not score any goals, and be considrered a "dirty player." He could ahve gotten him for less than $1.4 mill too!

How does anyone in the Rangers organization expect this guy to NOT get boo'd 41 out of 41 home games this season? Aren't Redden and Rozy enough of a target? Maybe Sather hopes we'll forget about them while we hate on Brash?

I'm confused and upset by this.

Scotty Hockey said...

I am shaking with rage.

TheMetalChick said...

Im surprised the Rangers didnt just re-sign Orr instead of this. If its any consolatin, he will probably not get much playing time.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you've confirmed your racism after all the mexican't shit with the new brashear is an animal angle. nice work.

Ben said...

wow, cry some more NYR fans!

oh no, we signed a guy who was loved in every locker room he's been in, will fight any and all comers (and win most) and will do whatever it takes to get the job done! lets start a riot!

he's a 4th liner who will play 5-6 mins a game. calm the fuck down! you should have just re-signed Orr, but it's not like next season is going to go down the tubes because you signed Brashear.

as for the WaPo story...maybe you should actually read it before casting it off as just trying to make an excuse for him.

Scotty Hockey said...

As I said, Anon, it has nothing to do with his colour, what he does on the ice matters and he is an animal. I said the same stuff about Chris Simon - when you act like a subhuman, I will call you one. Mike Grier and Tony Mckegney are/were both favourites of mine because they both work(ed) hard on the ice; skin colour means nothing.

And Ben, I read the sob story, boo hoo daddy was mean and little Donald wet the bed. Dude had a hard knock life, no one should go through that but it doesn't excuse his actions. Glen Metropolit and many others came from tough backgrounds and you don't see them acting like neanderthals on the ice.

Unknown said...

absolutely disgraceful, im glad i put off buying a ticket package until they made their big signings. i wish nothing but the worst to this scumbag. blair betts, never forget!!!!!

Whiter Mage said...

Scotty, you know me as Whiter Mage from JPs blog.

I have to fervently disagree on a lot of factors here.

I felt Donald was a complete goon and "animal" when he was a Flyer. He came to DC, and turned me over fast. I overlooked a lot of things, because he was on my team. Frankly, if you don't have the one hit he threw on Betts, which was a marginally dirty hit (And I'm not going to get into an argument on that, that's not why I'm here), you guys don't really have anything to complain about, unless you're mad about him sucker punching Aaron Ward, who if I recall correctly, called him a "scared n*gger" as he skated off.

He's an upgrade on Colton Orr, easily. I know a lot of people only look at his goon side, but when Brashear would turn away from the fights, his forechecking was absolutely solid, and he has remarkably soft hands. Colton Orr can fight well, but he can't skate. In today's NHL, if you get an enforcer, he has to be one who can contribute.

Another factor is if the Rangers really expect him to step in as a guy who'll fight and protect people, you're sorely mistaken. Time after time players took shots at Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, and Green, and Brashear did nothing. He only took the pre-arranged fights with other enforcers. Erskine and Bradley, though mediocre in fighting skills, were more protector players. Hell, Semin defended himself from Staal's instigating better than Brash ever defended Semin (lolbongoslol).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think Brashear will help your team more than hurt, and I think you guys will be fine. I'm sure in a few months, Brashear will be a dirty bastard to me, and a Ranger hero. I'd also like to point out that one signing does not ruin an offseason.

Look on the bright side - you signed a goon. You didn't trade for a murderer.

Ben said...

Scotty, if you read that article and all you got out of it was that donald had "a hard knock life" i don't know where to begin. that's much more than just "a hard knock life"....the dude went through hell and he takes it out on people on the ice...USUALLY legally.

you all act like you didn't just sign Gaborik and weren't able to trade away the albatross known as Gomez's contract. it's been a good off-season for you, and as much as you don't want to admit it, Brashear is an upgrade over Orr...hands down.

Faraway Fan said...

I wonder what Torts is thinking? I especially wonder what Tom Renney must be thinking. He's probably saying "Thank you Jesus, glad I'm back in the motherland."