Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Names To Know

Now that Marian Gaborik is a Ranger, there are some names all Ranger fans should know:

Jim Ramsay is the Head Athletic Trainer. Rammer is well known to many of us regulars as the affable, capable man behind the bench. The kind soul who is first over the bench when a Blueshirt goes down, Rammer is also quick to help opposing players and even injured fans. If I recall, he rushed up into the stands to help someone hit by a errant puck last season. And, I have to say, his tips of the week were informative, if awkward, watching.

Bruce Lifrieri, the Massage Therapist/Assistant Trainer. Rangerland did a fun "interview" with him a few years back. But seriously, as they say prevention and preparation are key to avoiding injury, you can believe Bruce the Masseuse will be working with Gaborik.

Reg Grant, the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. Working with advisor Daniel Hedin, Grant keeps the Rangers in shape over the grind of the season. Given that Torts thought the Blueshirts were tired and worn down in the series against the Caps last season, Reg surely has been hard at work this offseason giving workout instructions so the guys can survive Camp Tortorella.

Dr. Andrew Feldman, the Team Physician and Orthopedic Surgeon. When operating on the right body part, Feldman has proved quite capable and has quite the resume. Other times, notsomuch. Feldman couldn't do anything to save Danny Blackburn's career but may have saved Sean Avery's life by getting him to the hospital when his spleen went against the Pens.

Feldman is joined by Dr. Anthony Maddalo, the Assistant Team Physician, who has been with the team for more than 20 years and has worked on Richter, Bure and Rozy, among many others. Dr. Ronald Weissman, the Medical Consultant, has also been around for quite a while and helped diagnose Jed's blood clots.

Hopefully with this skilled staff in place, Gaborik will stay healthy and we will see him celebrating all season long.


The Dark Ranger said...

We might have to look you up Scottie post-exhibition games... ;)

Unknown said...

daniel hedin lol