Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bashing Brash, Day 3

As I mentioned Monday, I am posting some Donald Brashear YouTubage this week.

Today's selection is a classic. Watch as a real Ranger enforcer takes on this goon:


Sally said...

Aren't you a little embarrassed to be such a whiny B?

Mark Bonatucci said...

And I suppose you think Brash is worse than a guy like Nick Fotiou (sp).

FYI - He often played 10 or more mins in a game compare that to the guy that was the Rangers "enforcer" last season. Oh and he actually has hands that aren't made of stone when he's around the net and he knows how to cycle - so maybe you're right - he'll never fit the mold of the type of player/guy who is usually the enforcer for the Rangers.

Oh and the reason he became a fan favorite for us here in DC was his conduct and charitable works off the ice - he actually gives back some of his million dollar paycheck to the underprivelaged and underserved, especial children in the cities he plays in.

Scotty - I promise this is my last retort to your "Brash Bashings" but rest assured there are a lot of folks, educated fans, in cities where he's played who were glad he was part of the team they root passionately for and would gladly have him back on their team's roster. I'm not alone and though you swear you'll never alter your opinion I really wonder if that's true. Not because of any insincerity on your part, but because when you see this guy and how he behaves from the perspective of having him on your team, I think he might actually change your mind - I really think he is THAT different from the guy you think he is.

And hey if he's not why not just can the whole Ranger program and adopt a new team - since we no longer have Brash, you could even consider the Capitals - always room for another blogger in our fold.


Anonymous said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby needs a pacifier we signed brashear wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tender said...

Scotty I'm totally with you on the Brash move. I'm a huge goon fan but Brash was always a guy I hated. The guy is a douche, and no matter what, I'm not rooting for the guy. He's nothing but a mercenary.

Colton Orr is awesome, and I will still continue wearing his jersey to the garden. A true Rangers' enforcer.

Dan LD said...

Man, I don't like the Brashear signing any more than you do. But he's on the team now and there's nothing we can do about it.

Scotty Hockey said...

For all of you calling me a crybaby, I wonder what it would have been like in Colorado if the Aves signed Bertuzzi the next season after the Moore incident. We had Moore's brother and we booed the hell out of Bert when he came back. Brashear does something almost as egregious to one of our more important players - whether you like Betts or not, he was a significant part of the team's success - and now you are going to cheer for him?

And UFCF - Thanks for the offer but no one player (or general manager) can make me switch allegiances. I was a fan before they got here, I'll be a fan when they're gone. And I wouldn't pick the Caps, you guys actually like Tom Poti. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bitches, I love how, when Brash takes on someone that can actually kick his ass, he pushes them up against the boards, and when the refs come to break it up, he tries to make a comeback. As soon as Kocur took off his helmet, that douche tried to get him against the boards ASAP. The only way I could hate him more is if he started wearing a helmet.

The only charity he should be doing work for is the NHLPA's charity for players who can no longer play due to injury. Eventually, he'll put someone into that category.

Anonymous said...

correction: visor

Anonymous said...


boo hoo.



Anonymous said...


You don't speak for us


Everyone else

Ben said...

so, Joey Kocur is a "real Rangers enforcer" and Brash is a "goon".

damn dude, i didn't realize you whined so much. this was a hell of an entertaining blog, but you're bitching is starting to change that.

Ben said...

did you really compare Brash to Bertuzzi? why?? for ONE INCIDENT that was ridiculously overhyped (the Betts hit) you want to compare him to a guy who ended Steve Moore's career by breaking his neck and attacking him from behind?

whatever credibility you have is slowly creeping away...