Friday, July 17, 2009

Goals By Gabby, Day 5

As I mentioned Monday, I am posting some Marian Gaborik YouTubage this week.

And the week wouldn't be complete without the horror show. The five-goal game. You remember it. You probably still have the occasional nightmare. I know I do. It ranks just below the Mockery in Montreal and Hockey Night In Hell in recent debacles by our boys in blue. But now that he is one of us, perhaps he can pull off another performance like it - say against the Devils, Islanders, Penguins or Flyers? Or how about all of them?


Pete said...

Ouch, that hurts the soul. Let's hope we see tons of that kind of play from Gabby this season.

Only downside is, now that Gabby's wearing 10 for the Rangers, I don't know if I should get that Esa Tikkanen jersey that I always wanted.

Yeah...I think I will.

Pete said...

On second thought, maybe I'll just put velcro on the back, and get pathces that say "Nedved" "Savard" "Tikkanen" and "Gaborik" and start a rotation.