Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should We Bring In The Bolt?

The news just came out today that Tampa Bay is going to buy out the remainder of Vinny Prospal's contract (h/t Puck Daddy).

The first thing I thought was that Prospal would look great across from Gabby. Once Zherdev gets kicked to the curb Friday, why not replace him with an experienced, capable winger who frankly has had a measure of success at MSG in the past?

I would love to dream more but I am at work. What do you guys think?


matt sully said...

naaa too old lets just stay with the getting younger tone...not like we're gonna win the cup this year unless gabby plays 82 games and cally and dubi have a great year infront of hank. bring up a kid instead.

Anonymous said...

i dig those jerseys

Canyon of Blueshirts said...

I'd really rather see Callahan get a shot at the first line. I think Prospals' performance last year was more a product of being on a bad team in a bad locker room. I think that he could be good on Gabby's wing, but I'd rather see youth.

Faraway Fan said...

Scotty is Zherdev really gone on Friday or is that wishful hoping?

Anonymous said...

This year's team is possibly better poised to win a cup, assuming the new acquisitions pan out better than Gomez, Drury, and Redden did before them. However, I think the past year proves a few things:

Depth is useless without accountability. We can have a whole bunch of big names on the team, but, if they aren't motivated to play to the best of their potential, there's no cup in sight.

Youth is necessary, but, as the 2005-06 season proved, youth and heart is not enough to win a cup.

And, finally, organization is key. Last year's team had youth, had age, had the big names, and the role players. They very well could have won the cup. But, there hasn't been a team that has gone to the playoffs and won without a solidly developed first line and at least a cohesive if not effective second line.

I think Prospal can be a key player in either a first or second line, add some experience, some legitimate skill, and could be acquired without giving up much of that existing youth in the franchise and this team would be better poised to make the playoffs

Scotty Hockey said...

I completely agree with both Anonymouses.

I like the Bolts jersey and I like the idea of adding Prospal. Ryan, I do also think that Cally deserves a shot but I am not sure he slots in well across from Gabby. Then again, Aaron Voros worked well with the sniper so maybe a kid with grit could be a good fit.

I don't know, I just think that you can't pass up the kind of deal that Prospal is, even if it pushes kids down the depth chart. We are never going to build a champion in New York - that is just the sad state of affairs, we have (luckily) built a solid core around mid and low level draft picks and now we need to buy the necessary accessories - we got the big bling in Gaborik but you gotta floss it right, yo.

Derek said...

NO! I read some posts on HF about Prospal and F. Kaberle and go a headache. Those are exactly the types we should stay away from. This team must not add another center.

Just get Dubi signed and let Anisimov sink or swim.