Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Sather Really Made The Deal

Stormtrooper Gainey: Let me trade for Brandon Dubinsky.
Obi-Wan Sather: [with a small wave of his hand] You don't want to trade for Brandon Dubinsky.
Gainey: I don't want to trade for Brandon Dubinsky.
Sather: You want Scott Gomez.
Gainey: I want Scott Gomez.
Sather: It's good doing business with me.
Gainey: It's good doing business with you.
Sather: You will throw in your top defensive prospect.
Gainey: I'll even throw in my top defensive prospect.
Sather: We have a deal.
Gainey: We have a deal.

(Idea for this post shamelessly stolen from Rangerland.)


Anonymous said...

Sweet. I think we should just wait it out this season and go after Kovalchuk next season. Why sacrifice a guy like Dubinsky?

Sammael said...

They cannot let go of Dubinsky. I think it would be a complete waste, and selling out the future.

Plus I wouldn't know what to do with my jersey :(

TheMetalChick said...
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TheMetalChick said...

Whats crazy is that I have not seen any other explanation that is any more reasonable or explains this trade better than this one. So, I think you must be right!