Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bashing Brash, Day 4

As I mentioned Monday, I am posting some Donald Brashear YouTubage this week. This feature has drawn all sorts of fun comments and even some mixed opinions and because of them, I posted a new poll on the right side of the page. Vote away ...

As for today's selection, it is from last season when former Maple Leaf hero (haha) Wade Belak took Brashear down:

And as a bonus, here is a classic clip of one criminal beating up another:


Anonymous said...

try making the poll say "are you happy that i'm bashing a current rangers player all week."

sure, most of us arent HAPPY brashear is a ranger, i would still have had Orr at a million for 4 years. but bashing the guy all week.....cmon man. he's a blueshirt now no matter how much we dont like it. show some loyalty to the team.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this concept of "the guy's on our team, so let's ignore what a douche he is."

I mean, sure, I can get behind that concept when it's a player from a big rival, like the islanders or the devils. I can get behind that concept if it was a guy who scored a goal that put us out of the playoffs. I can get behind that concept even for a guy like Avery, who is treated with contempt by the league, the commissioner, and even the commentators.

But, this guy is on a different level. He's not just an enforcer. He's not just a hard-hitting pugilist. He is the dirtiest player in the game AND he has a HISTORY of hurting people. Why would anyone want him no their team?

I sure don't.

Anonymous said...

i didnt know there were such wash-woman hockey fans......

Anonymous said...

IF a child-molester moves out of Jersey and into your neighborhood, you don't just welcome him with open arms because he shares the same zip code.

I'm just saying.

People who are ok with Brash playing hockey are the same kind of dregs as people who watch nascar for the're not a fan of the sport. You're a fan of drama or disaster or other peoples' misery. Perhaps you'd be better off watching MMA or some sport where it doesn't matter what kind of barbarism takes place, as that's what sells tickets to that blood-thirsty 18-25 male, macho, short attention span crowd.

matt sully said...

@ the last anonymous,

thats a little ridiculous analogy.

Scotty Hockey said...

"i didnt know there were such wash-woman hockey fans......"

There are few bigger fans of old time hockey then me, but the simple fact is that it is illegal in this day and age. If proper retribution was allowed, and eye for an eye justice allowed, then it would be ok. Instead Brash gets to hurt other players with no allowance for retribution. When Marty McSorley tried to get his, he basically had his career ended ...

Anonymous said...

Is it that ridiculous? Think of some of the excuses people have made up for Brashear in this blog alone. -He had a poor up-bringing.
-He contributes more than any other goon, because he can score.
-What he did was someplace else, not here, so we should at least give him a chance to prove he's changed.

Those are the same defenses that people make when you read an outrage column in the newspaper that some child molester has moved into town. Word for word.

Sure, it's a stupid analogy. I'd let my kids hang out with Donald Brashear 7 days a week before I let them hang out with any kind of convicted criminal. But it's interesting how people can make irrational excuses for piss poor behavior in any arena, social or sports.

The blind truth of the matter is that Brash isn't just an "enforcer" or a "goon." He's a dirty player, who, as evidenced by the clips Scotty has posted here, has always been a dirty player, and years of playing that way have culminated in him actually seriously injuring act that he showed no remorse for. He's a danger to anyone on the ice. He shouldn't be wearing any uniform. It's not a matter of opinion or fandom. It's fact. Documented fact. While I don't agree with many of the leagues rules and regulations, I strongly agree with rules in place to keep players from getting injured. Brash has proved he is incapable of playing by those rules.

Of course, the league would seem to be on the side of the Brash Exculpists. Sean Avery made a spectacular ass of himself and got suspended indefinitely. Brash broke someone's face and only had to sit out 7 games.

But, with a commissioner like Gary Bettman, that's the kind of justice you get.