Monday, July 6, 2009

The Center Conundrum

Regular reader and blue seater Silvio from section 407 and many others of you out there have been speculating as to what Sather will do to fill the center slot that the MexiCan't left.

I'm not so sure he should do anything.

As good as Marian Gaborik is, he has to get the puck to be able to score the 40 or so goals we expect from him (should he stay healthy). Honestly, I think the players we have can help with that - there is no need to spend any more money. Now, I know that Sather will likely do it anyway (he always does) but I don't think the Rangers really need to pick up a pivot - especially one from such a weak market as there is now. Silvio suggested Mike Comrie, Steve Zipay has pitched Saku Koivu and I have even read several pleas for Brendan Morrison.

While a name like Robert Lang intrigues me, I think the team can certainly go into the season with Dubi-Dru-Anisimov-Boyle down the middle. Why sign an over-the-hill, overpriced name those mentioned above when next summer Olli Jokinen, Marc Savard, Pat Marleau, Adam Burish, Andrew Ebbett and Ryan Shannon all become available?

Sather and Tortorella have repeated constantly that the kids will get chances in camp so why not give Dubi the chance to seize the No. 1 center position? He looked pretty damn good as a rookie with Jaromir Jagr, perhaps he can find the same chemistry with Gabby. I certainly hope so ...


Dan LD said...

I think Dubi's production is going to increase pretty dramatically, exactly the same way it did when he was centering Jagr. Talented wingers really elevate his game.

NYR34 said...

And that's if Dubi stays. I'm still hoping against my fears that some team out of nowhere decides to pull a Dustin Penner and leave us unable to counter-offer.

Pete said...

I love the idea of Savard on this team.

D.Glasner said...
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D.Glasner said...

I think Dubi will step up nicely on this team. And as much as I like Blair Betts, I think Boyle will fill in his role very nicely this coming season.

Scott said...

Please take Nylander back.

Washington Capitals Fans

Scotty Hockey said...

Washington Capitals Fans,

Not a chance.


jamestobrien said...

Jeez, I just realized that Sather mocking post I wrote a while ago predicted the Gaborik signing.

(Although, look on the bright side: real Sather signed him for half the term and .5 million less per year! Yaaaaay!)

I feel for all the Rangers fans out there.

Derek said...

I agree completely. Given our current cap space with still key guys due for bumps up, there's no reason to panic and bring another C in.

I believe the Arnason move was indicative as to the org's plans. They'll give Anisimov every chance to win the 3rd line job while Boyle and Dupont compete for fourth line duty.

I hope they just focus on getting Dubi, Cally, Korp, etc. re-signed and maybe find a taker for Rozy.