Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And The Survey Says?

Where I immediately disliked the deal the Rangers made today (see the post below), I figured I would open my mind to see what others think.

Inferno at Rangers Review is positively gushing about how wonderful the deal was:
oh sweet Jesus how can you not be excited right now?

The Manic Ranger Fan watched the same YouTube and said:
Great Trade.. Fantastic Trade.. Zherdev could prove to be a steal of enormous proportions.

Meanwhile, LTL of the Blue Jackets blog Light The Lamp is also enthused ... to have gotten rid of Zherdev:
The biggiest (sic) knock on him was his inconsistancy (sic). He was a dis-connected player that did not fit the mold that this team moving towards. He razzled he dazzled but when the game got tough he dissapeared (sic) most nights. The Jackets loved his talent - hated his competitiveness. He was never going to be re-signed after his contract expired next season and he certainly did not have the value that many think he did.

The last time I read such a ... positive review of an outgoing player was at the trade deadline when the Blues bid adieu to Christian Backman and we all know how that worked out ...

Dubi at Blueshirt Bulletin spoke to Zherdev back in the '06-07 season and said:
[Zherdev] was in awe of the noise level at the Garden, but annoyed at the way Ranger fans booed their own players.

So unless he somehow finds some kind of motivation (like stepping up in the last year of his contract), it appears that Zherdev is headed for an unhappy stay on Broadway.

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Anonymous said...

I think Zherdev is going to turn things around, a change of scenery will be good for him. He really has all star potential and the Rangers didn't give a whole lot up for him. At the very least they found a scoring winger and freed up enough cap space to possibly sign Jagr or Sundin.

But who knows how that will play out. With the exception of this trade, I really don't know what Sather is doing.

The one bad thing about this trade is they didnt sign Orpik and Commodores gone. They need another defenceman.