Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Return Of The Pack Project

The Rangers re-signed Huge Mistake, I mean, Hugh Jessiman today.

The first round pick from 2003, the only one of his draft class not to play in the NHL, was going to be a project from the start but after five years either the kid has it or he doesn't. And I would say he doesn't. In preseason last year he lumbered around the ice and got his ass kicked by the smaller Steve Downie. He did have a nice heavy shot, came to the aid of his teammates and wasn't afraid to go to the crease but if he can't skate, he can't play in the NHL.

At this point Jessiman is nothing more than a body to fill a jersey in Hartford. He can't even be considered a call-up as Dane Byers has passed him on the depth chart and Rissmiller, Voros, Fritsche, Sjostrom and Orr are all in New York.

As ESPN pointed out when ranking him one of the biggest active draft busts, "the Rangers might have been better off taking his Ivy League teammate Lee Stempniak, who has already played 139 NHL games after being taken by the Blues with the 148th pick."


The Dark Ranger said...

Jessy is pathetic. Not a fan. We agree on that.


rangers111 said...

It was such a big mistake to pick him. Imagine if we drafted Dustin Brown or Zach Parise instead of him.

Anonymous said...

has to be the worst 1st round pick in the last ten years. i could only imagine if we took parise or ryan GETZLAF or mike richards. pretty much anyone that was picked in the first round after him would have been great. i like it 'huge mistake'