Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh Yeah, Him Too ...

The Rangers have yet to acknowledge it on their NHL-approved web page, but Rangers Report has Paul Mara returning to the team.

Really, not a big deal. Mara is taking a cheaper deal than he had before and will continue in his role as a fifth/sixth defenseman. He had a few great moments last season where he used his size with good positioning to make big defensive stops and even a few hits. Of course, the Rangers initially got him for his ability to contribute offensively but he was a tad lacking there. However, he did have one of the best assists of the season on Jason Strudwick's lone goal of the year - two on one breakaway in overtime (if anyone has the YouTube, please lemme know, I'll link it). And Mara also played a big part in Marc Staal's coming out party, of course it came at the expense of him getting hammered by a Sabre.

So welcome back Mara, keep working hard and good things will happen. Maybe not for you - damn that hit by Kaleta had to hurt - but for the team.

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