Tuesday, July 1, 2008


"New York Rangers sign UFA defenceman Wade Redden to a six-year contract worth $6.5 million."

Folly, thy name is Glen Sather.

The Rangers overpay for a defenseman who was essentially ran out of town last season. Some Senator fans that I've spoken to have ranked the choice of Redden over Chara as the biggest mistake in franchise history - which includes Alexander Daigle and Alexei Yashin. Redden has skills, and has been a top defenseman in the past, but what the hell is Sather doing???

This deal comes an hour after re-signing Rozy for too much money and gives the Czech some relief as the pressure will be off. But the biggest problem with this deal is not that it is six years long, or that it is 6.5 million but that it relegates Marc Staal to the third defensive pairing. Unless Sather is swinging some deal where he gets rid of Tyutin or Girardi, then this is just utterly incomprehensible.

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