Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh No, Not Again ...

Tryouts are just those, tryouts. Often nothing happens with them, but why bother? As with that link, the Rangers gave Mark Smith a shot when they thought they needed an experienced depth guy who was capable on the kill (he proved he wasn't). But what could the Blueshirts be thinking about now that they've decided to give aging centerPetr Nedved a PTO??

Nedved already had two stints here, failed in Philly two years ago (-20 in just 21 games) and wasn't all that great when he went home to the Czech Republic to play for Sparta Prague last year (45 games, 25 points - just five assists - and 98 PIM). He was part of two black moves here (Traded to Pittsburgh by NY Rangers with Sergei Zubov for Luc Robitaille and Ulf Samuelsson, August 31, 1995. Traded to NY Rangers by Pittsburgh with Chris Tamer and Sean Pronger for Alex Kovalev and Harry York, November 25, 1998.) and appears to have nothing left in the tank at 36 years old.

Outside of some name recognition for the fans in Prague should he not completely stumble through the preseason, I can't imagine why Glen would want to waste money to give Nedved a third tour as a Ranger. Sure he has had his moments in his career, but there simply is no space on the roster for him.

The team would be better off signing some unknown Canadian college kid if they need bodies to fill out the camp/preseason roster. Could you imagine what the reaction would be should the Rangers sign him, while letting Shanny go? Or even if they give him a roster spot over Lauri Korpikoski or another of the kids? This is just ridiculousness.

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