Monday, July 28, 2008

Killin' Time: Monday Night Edition

Some Monday night randomness:

*I found myself watching the 2007 World Yo-Yo Championship tonight on television. While I had to admit it was pretty damn incredible, and wonder if the guy can repeat this year, I really, really miss hockey.

*While I am a big fan of Dubi's work over at Blueshirt Bulletin, I have to disagree with his new BB+ area. It's a subscriber-specific segment of his site that has a lot of great stuff, but every post he makes on the main site refers back to it. I, of course, am a subscriber so I get to see it but can imagine how annoying that could be for everyone else. It's cool to have it, but to make a new post talking about it on the main site daily is like sticking your finger up to the poorer fans out there. I just hope that his game reports will remain on the free side so everyone can enjoy his good work.

*Lest I forget, Freddie Sjostrom re-signed with the Rangers today. Shoe (for lack of a better nickname) made a good impression in his 18 games as a Ranger. He worked hard, skated fast and knocked in two goals; that raised his total to 12 on the season, a number he could and should double this coming year. With his buddy Henrik in net, he is comfortable as a Ranger and should have a good grasp of the system by the time the puck drops in Prague. He should get bumped up to the third line with Brandon Dubinsky and will get a lot more scoring opportunities as a result. I still want one of those hats he has on his website (anyone in Sweden wanna hook me up??).

*Over at Puck Daddy, Greg found a great conversation with our former captain and AO. The writers talked about Jagr's great wit while he was here, it just is a shame he rarely shared that with the fans. As for AO, I still think we could have had him ...

*Jay Bouwmeester re-upped with the Florida Panthers with a one-year deal. Bouwmeester, a 24 year old defenseman who plays more than 27 minutes per game and hasn't missed a game the last three years, will reportedly make between four and five million for the season. He averaged .45 points per game and was -5 on one of the worst teams in the league. Meanwhile, the Rangers signed the two-inch shorter, 31-year-old Wade Redden for six years, for 6.5 million per. Redden, who has only played all 82 games in a season once (his rookie year of 96-97), averaged .48 points per game and was +11 while playing on one of the best teams in hockey. He also ranked 11th on the list of players on the ice for the most 5-on-5 goals against (thanks Mirtle). Hmmm, good job Glen.

*While trying not to cry at that last one, at least we can all laugh at the Islanders' new third jersey. While not quite the fisherman, or the pumpkin jersey, it's still pretty lame. Potvin sucks, DP swallows.

*Now that I lowered myself to their depths, I want to redeem my soul a bit and point you to Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic who, as Puck Daddy pointed out , is getting money together to help a woman fighting non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. While the EBay items are all a bit expensive, I want to remind everyone that they can always give any amount of money to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, who I keep permanently linked on the right side of the blog. They are a really good charity who do really good work for the fight against cancer and I proudly support them myself.

And on that note, g'nite folks, I gotta go find my Duncan ...

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