Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prepping For Preseason

The Rangers released their preseason schedule today (finally). In Friday's Killin' Time I figured that the unannounced games were a home-and-home with the Isles or Pens but instead it's the Devs.

That makes two games against the Newark Nightmares, two against the happy-to-be-free-of-Wade-Redden Kanata Senators and two against Barry's Bolts. After that the Rangers will play two more games in Switzerland before NHL Premier.

With eight games in 12 days, you can be sure that we will see most of the players in the Rangers' system step on the ice. That includes Huge Mistake, Bobby Blueliner and Jason Biggs (that's Hugh Jessiman, Bobby Sanguinetti and Mike Del Zotto). As nice as that is, it looks like it will be a giant tease as Glen filled up the roster during this disasterous free agent season so these kids won't actually get to play with the big boys when the games start counting.

So enjoy it while you can kids, and remember Hartford isn't all that far (it only feels that way).

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