Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Can't Think Of A Whitty Title

What rhymes with Nigel?? I thought of using Dawes Does, but that's just lame. The Rangers re-signing Nigel Dawes isn't necessarily lame, but it is a gamble. Are the Rangers going to get the stocky little scorer with good hands or the diminutive winger who disappeared when they needed goals most?

Dawes certainly paid his dues by returning to Hartford without complaint to start last season and he showed flashes of stardom, but he also disappeared for eight games in the playoffs. The Rangers were suffering without scoring and Dawes was nowhere to be found, often allowing himself to be forced out to the perimeter where he was useless.

Newsday says that Dawes' deal is just for one season, which is good. This season will be make or break for his career and having to play for a new deal should provide the motivation to be all that he can be, or so we can only hope.

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