Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thought Of The Night

As I sit here at work watching this boring excuse for a sport play its excruciating corporate midseason exhibition game and it heads to the 15th inning, I think about something Joe Buck suggested over an hour ago:

Why don't they head to a home run hitting contest? Or even just a hitting contest. Best pitcher on each team comes back out and faces three batters, throwing one pitch to each. If hockey fans have to suffer with shootouts, why not? It will likely end the game a helluva lot quicker than dragging through extra inning after extra inning - especially in a game that doesn't count. If it was a World Series game, then I could understand holding on for the drama, but the All-Star Game? This is ridiculous.

Damn it, is it hockey season yet??


Anonymous said...

scotty hockey..your a fool. you should take a break from your "job" and talk aout the Knicks or the Yankees, cuz i cant listen to you ramble on about the Rangers anymore. peace

Scotty Hockey said...

load of i have always said, if you don't like it, don't read it. word.