Monday, July 14, 2008

Only On The Isle

The reign of stupidity in Uniondale continued today as the Islanders fired Ted Nolan.

I almost feel bad. Well ... no, not really. It will be all that much easier for the Rangers to beat the Islanders. But still, I mean, seriously: are they trying to lose? First came the dismissal of Neil Smith, and now this??? All Nolan did was keep a pathetic roster competitive and they fired him. Quoting "philosophical differences," Garth Snow made the announcement without having another coach in mind. I think Bozo the Clown would be the perfect candidate because that franchise is just a joke. Charles Wang seems intent on replacing capable personnel with friends of the family, to the detriment of the product on the ice.

Man, I hate the Islanders. This is awesome. Keep it up Fishermen!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just afraid their "differences in philosophy" were that Nolan wanted to try to win and Snow wanted to try and get Tavares and now Snow's idea might come out on top.

Good thing we sent Hollweg to Toronto to keep them in the running for worst team.