Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Got Your Statue Right Here ...

After getting a good laugh at the Islander's expense, I figured I should take a look at the other metro-area mistake for material. And I found it.

On Saturday, the Star-Ledger did a piece on a new work of art that will be coming to Newark. Disappointingly, Brian Gionta isn't adding his tag to the wonderful wall decorations of the bustling cosmopolitan center of Jersey culture (now with less murder!).

Instead, a deranged sculptor in California has created a three-story, 6,000 pound sculpture of a hockey player in mid-stride that will eventually end up in front of the Rock, facing the train station. Feel free to click on the link to see the sculptor's creation. Personally, I think it's boring. Instead of the massive, angular skater, I have a few recommendations:

A: Mmmmaaaarrrrtttyyyy mid-dive. It comes naturally to him and since this artist likes to work in large scale, Fatso would be a fine subject.

B: Ken Daneyko holding up the Stanley Cup. This would be a great choice if they were going to put the statue in the middle of a parking lot with no one around.

C: John Madden crying to the referee. Just because it was funny to watch in the first round of the playoffs. Turnaround is fair play pal, suck it up.

D: Lou Lamoriello scowling. The man's grimace is becoming legendary and mirrors the look on Devils fans' faces (what few of them there are) while watching their boring excuse of a franchise.

E: Devil fan saluting. This is my personal choice, I have to tell you. It shows an articulate Devil fan - wearing the jersey of a skill player who left town - showing his dislike for the Rangers. It would be perfect to place between the Rock and Penn Station; Devils fans can feel pride and Ranger fans can laugh as they walk past to give New Jersey their only sell-outs of the season.

What's your pick?


danae said...

I think the sculptor was inspired by Fantastic Four ogre The Thing.

Anonymous said...

maybe you can get the statue of devils fans throwing beer bottles onto their own ice after getting eliminated from the playoffs.