Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Things Not Coming Up Rozy

You had to kind of expect it after his hip surgery but it still hurts to see it, "New York Rangers re-sign UFA defenceman Michael Rozsival to a four-year deal worth $20 million."

Glen Sather just handed a player coming off of a surgery - a defensive liability who had a terrible second half on both sides of the ice - a contract for five million dollars a year.

Does that sound smart to you?

Me neither. Don't get me wrong, Rozy has always been a good No. 3 defenseman. But unfortunately, the Rangers thrust him into the No. 1 spot and he has rarely, if ever, played at that level. The only positive aspect of this is that it should seal Jagr's return to the Blueshirts as Rozy is his Czech buddy. If Jagr doesn't return (or even if he does), Rozy's deal could very well turn into an albatross that will have to be bought out in a season or two.

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Unknown said...

at least he is no longer our number one defenceman if the TSN report is accurate. phew!