Friday, July 4, 2008

Clear Some Space On Your Desk

While the result of the Rangers spending spree isn't likely to result in a Cup, you can celebrate the last one that made its way to Broadway with a new statue. McFarlane is going to release Mark Messier holding the Stanley Cup in 1994.

Message boarder 'Sling' over at HfBoards actually pointed this out first so credit to him.

For those who live under a rock, McFarlane's are realistic, affordable plastic statues that are miles and miles away from the old school Starting Lineups of yesteryear. I think they are pretty cool and already have Henrik Lundqvist (big and little, Nick Khabibulin, Nick Lidstrom little and all three of the Hanson Brothers.

Messier is due to be released in October so keep an eye out!

/shameless attempt at getting a freebie ...

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