Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Want What He Is Having

I listened in to the media conference call with Glen Sather and Wade Redden just now and I have to admit it piqued my curiosity. Sather is convinced that the Rangers are in great shape. The signing of Redden and Rozy gives the Rangers a great combination that can move the puck up to the forwards. The unfortunate thing is that none of the MSM guys followed up with a question asking 'which forwards?'

Sather said that this deal doesn't stop the Rangers from buying a big gun. He said that he still wants Jagr and Avery back but Jagr said he will wait until tomorrow and Avery's agent didn't call him back.

Redden, for his part, sounded happy to come to an Original Six team in New York. He admitted his previous relationship with Perry Pearn played a part in his decision (so THAT'S why the Rangers kept the coach who produced the horrible power play). Redden is well versed with the media so he was very PC and benign. Hopefully he will stand out on the ice ...

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