Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Unfortunate Turn Of Events

The New York Rangers signed Markus Naslund and Dmitri Kalinin today as was announced during a conference call a half hour ago.

This is another major mistake by the Rangers. Just two days after signing a defenseman who is on the downside of his career (Redden), Glen Sather added a forward who is not just on the downside of his career, but who should have retired two years ago in Naslund. And the defenseman ... well I hope Jim Ramsey and the training staff is well prepared because Kalinin can't stay healthy.

Don't get me wrong, Naslund would have been a great signing before the lockout. Unfortunately we are three seasons removed from the labour dispute and he is a shell of the player he once was. His point totals have dropped each of the last four seasons and two of the last three saw his plus/minus end up in the red. He was given plenty of chances to succeed with the Swedish Sedin wunderkinds and still his effectiveness has dropped. Naslund is no longer a force off of the wing and it will be a huge mistake to count on him for more than 20 goals and 40 points this season - not numbers worth a $4.5 million contract.

As nervous as I am to get my invoice for season tickets for next season, there is some consolation in knowing that I will very likely not have to pay for playoffs, because this roster appears like it be hard-pressed to grab a seven or eight spot.

So sad.


Anonymous said...

I think the Rangers are moving in a positive direction. Another year of the Czechs wasn't going to bring a Stanley Cup. Finally, we're going young and fast. Only time will tell though.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about the moves we've been making...
Naslund on a downturn? He scored 25 G last season....that's good with me
I'm really looking forward for this season....3 more months ahhh the agony!

Anonymous said...

Good post.