Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Circle This Date!!

Saturday, November 24th!!!!!!!!!

That is the date the Philadelphia Flyers will head to Ottawa to face the Senators and there will be a helluva bloodbath.

Sens tough guy Brian McGrattan has sworn vengeance on Stevie Downie and the Flyers after the rookie almost killed Dean McAmmond in a preseason game Tuesday night. Without further delay, the spectacular/horrifying video:

How insane was that??

Now I like big hits and edgy play so I am a little distressed because Downie is my kind of player, but he tried to kill the poor bastard, who barely has recovered from the elbow by Chris Pronger in the finals. Hopefully McAmmond will be able to continue his career and not be finished off by yet another cheap shot to the head, especially seeing as Downie is likely to be around for quite a while dishing hits out like that being all the Broad Street Bully he can be. According to the CBC, McAmmond has been released from the hospital and suffered no fractures but they say nothing about the concussion.

Now the league came down hard on Downie - he was given a match penalty for attempt to injure and is indefinitely suspended by the NHL, pending a review of the hit. So they will likely make an example of the rookie, but you can be sure they will be giddy as all hell when the game at Scotiabank sells out and they get banner ratings on Hockey Night In Canada.

And you can be sure they will; these teams have had quite a bit of bad blood in the past as you can see here. Their minor league teams even hate each other!

So with all of the on the table, you can be sure I will be watching that night and I highly recommend you do as well ... Go Sens Go!

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