Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pickin' Up and Lettin' Go

So earlier this month I posted my fantasy draft results for the Hockey Open Invitational fantasy hockey league that I am in with other hockey bloggers and writers.

I figured I would update y'all with my latest transactions. I've made a pair of free agent moves:

*I dropped Dan Hamhuis, the Nashville defenseman who may or may not get PP time for the Preds since they let Timmonen go to Philly, for Petr Kalus, a hotshot rookie who may very well play on Minnesota's first line with Gabby and Demitra.

*I also dropped Tobias Enstrom, the European defenseman thought to take some power play time in Atlanta on the point, and picked up Kris Letang, the kid who is expected to get some power play time in Pittsburgh. Enstrom is older but has never played in the NHL, while Letang played seven games last season, scored two goals and could slide into the top PP QB slot should Sergie Gonchar get hurt (he only played the full season twice in his career).

What do you think? I think T.J. Hooosamon-CHAMPIONSHIP!


Anonymous said...

Not sure about your add/drops, but I think you're in deep trouble in your league come week 8. JK.

Getting the missing piece to the top line at Minnesota is a mystery. Koivu is centering 2nd line, Belanger the 3rd. I thought it was going to be Dominic Moore until last week when Lemaire mentioned that it could be one of many players (Walz, Moore, James Sheppard, Pouliot). I think the move has nothing but upside for you. Maybe I should pick up one of the others...

And yeah - those goalies flew off the board

Demarketed said...

I like Letang I may pick him up as well