Thursday, September 13, 2007


As my good friends will vouch, I am a huge heavy metal fan (and occasional writer/photographer).

Apparently Jere Lehtinen of the Dallas Stars is a big metal fan as well and the NHL hooked him up with Slayer!!!!!!! F-ING SLAYER!!!!!!! The league hooked him up with an All Access pass to their Dallas show and set up a meet and greet with the band. While it was all for p.r. and a nice feature, its still pretty damn rad. The article was posted two weeks ago (sorry, I just found it) and is here. I knew there was a reason I always liked Lehtinen ... guess it wasn't his deft defensive skills ...

Oh, this whole thing reminded me that the Stars also had Pantera write their Fight Song! For those who aren't big music fans, Pantera was one of the best metal bands ever and was from Dallas. The band was the one that had that guitarist who was heinously killed after they broke up.

On a lighter note, why the hell don't the Rangers have any cool bands as fans? Then maybe they could get some decent music in the place rather than the blaring canned pop radio crap. Or the least they could do is replace the 70s disco and 90s dance music with more classics. Or even better yet, just keep it to the old school organ music!

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The Dark Ranger said...

ONe night at the Garden only...all Slayer. The next home game, all RUSH, then a 70's classic rock night...etc.

If you think MSG is bad, attend a Knicks game. Unbearable.