Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Return Of The Mighty J.R.

Well, Jeremy Roenick is coming back to hockey ... unfortunately it is to play. The San Jose Sharks have given him a one year deal.

Now while I am a big fan of his: the guy works hard and doesn't bullshit people or rely on idiotic cliches. He may be an partial idiot but at least he is honest ...

And he didn't just strut his stuff there in number 10, he danced at Staples Center on the ice during a game! Too bad he isn't foxtrotting his way onto NBC or Versus where he will do more good for the game in one broadcast than Gary Bettman does in a year. Roenick's brand of honesty is refreshing and exactly what the NHL needs to promote the sport.

I hope that he gets his five goals (he is at 495 in his career) and then calls it a career. The Sharks have too many young players who deserve a shot instead of the elderly Roenick.

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The Dark Ranger said...

Agreed on all counts. Though he is fun to watch.