Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello Campers!

So I was looking at the roster of 50 guys who are at Rangers camp and saw some interesting names and the like, so I thought I would throw my $.02 out there on each. The numbers next to their names are their jersey numbers, I couldn't be bothered to delete them. And for all those rushing to get jerseys, the numbers rookies wear often change ...

55 Artem Anisimov - he got smacked around by the Canadians in that Super Series but looked good in Traverse City so maybe he can actually challenge for the third line center spot ...
16 Sean Avery - The Rangers berated him in arbitration and Elisha broke up with him. Think he played with a chip on his shoulder last year?
45 Joe Barnes - I've read a lot of mixed reports on him and all point to a career minor leaguer, at least as long as he stays in our organization.
19 Blair Betts - The heart and soul, top faceoff man on the team, Bettsy will have to continue to be clutch on the PK now that we let Jed go.
18 Alex Bourret - A future superstar, I am still shocked we were able to rape Atlanta for him for Pascal Dupuis last year. Needs a spot on the two two lines so I would say wait until next year.
54 Dane Byers - a rough and tumble grit guy, he could prove to be a good replacement for Ryan Hollweg.
43 Ryan Callahan - I love Cally and all he brings to the team. I am keeping my fingers crossed against a sophomore slump.
10 Nigel Dawes - Man do we keep jerking this kid around. He has the skill to be a top-six forward on many NHL teams, just not ours and he shouldn't be wasted on a checking line.
23 Chris Drury - The Little Leaguer is a career winner. Let's hope he found those winning ways he left in his suitcase in Colorado when he made the move downstate. 7.7 seconds. Bastard.
48 Brandon Dubinsky - Will fight Double A for the third line spot and should take it. Spending last year in Hartford did him well and he should be able to break in this year.
50 Brodie Dupont - Mooooose. I like this kid and think he will make the team next year. Grit and guile ...
58 Mitch Fritz - The dude is listed at 6-8, 258 and may be even bigger - could he be the next Boogeyman? Please, please let him supplant Colton Orr as our enforcer.
19 Scott Gomez - Well, I can't just flip a switch and go from hating him to loving him so I just pray he develops some chemistry with Jags.
53 Bruce Graham - He is huge - 6-6, 230 - and can skate. He may be a darkhorse to make the team in the next two years but you never know ...
44 Ryan Hollweg - Ryan brings heart and grit but much like Jed, has cement hands so if we can replace him with someone with any kind of offensive upside, I think we should ...
81 Marcel Hossa - What a waste of size and skill. Much like Brad Isbister last year, his place should be alongside Jagr on the first line or in the press box.
68 Jaromir Jagr - Please don't be in a bad mood because Sather treated your buddy Nylander like shit and let him go. Everything hinges on you being happy.
49 Hugh Jessiman - Sather and co. need to finally cut their losses on this bust of a draft pick.
60 Lauri Korpikoski - A perfect candidate to take Hollweg's gig on the fourth line. Defensively responsible with some offensive upside.
36 Francis Lessard - A minor league goon, nothing more, nothing less.
47 Greg Moore - Another Moore who I heard has actually lost a step while playing in Hartford. Quite disappointing.
28 Colton Orr - Goon who doesn't intimidate. Sorry buddy, time to walk out the door.
65 Jordan Owens - He may be the next Manny Malhotra ... and that is a good thing to me, I liked Manny.
25 Petr Prucha - Pruuuuuuuu needs to work really hard and put up 30 goals or else there are plenty of other wingers who don't get pushed around as easily waiting to take his spot.
84 Tom Pyatt - Can't wait to see him in a Rangers jersey but we will have to ... he is two years away from taking a top six spot on the team.
14 Brendan Shanahan - Even without the C on his jersey, the man is our captain. Can't forget, he will do anything for the Rangers.
17 Mark Smith - He rocks! The former Shark is here on a tryout basis and would be good for depth and experience down the middle.
82 Martin Straka - He is coming off surgery but should be good for another go around. He was the best player on the ice for several stretches last season so let's hope his recovery went well.

21 Ivan Baranka - We called for him to get a shot last season but they promoted Girardi instead and look how he turned out ... maybe Baranka could actually play, maybe not ... sadly I don't think we will ever see him in the Garden barring massive injuries.
87 Clayton Barthel - Apparently he impressed in Traverse City so he is getting a look - I think only for a gig in Hartford.
46 Dan Girardi - The guy was a rock last year, I am a big fan. Like his buddy Cally, I am praying for no sophomore slump.
24 Andrew Hutchinson - A throw-in in the Cullen deal, he is on a one-way contract so we will likely lose him on waivers when we send him to Hartford.
6 Darius Kasparaitis - EVERYONE is raving about his regained form and I really hope he gets to rejoin the Rangers. We missed his heart and grit late last year.
52 David Liffiton - He seems solid but like Girardi has no real offensive upside. Unlike Girardi, he takes lots of penalties,which he would have to cut out to get a shot in the big time.
8 Marek Malik - M-A-L.I.K. Malik you suck. Plus/minus is an illusion, this guy is worthless. He can barely move the puck, hell, he can barely move out there at all. But, Jagr likes him so we have to keep the gorilla. Goddammit.
27 Paul Mara - He really didn't help much in the playoffs and he makes too much money. While I like him, maybe he needs to go so some other guys get a shot.
22 Thomas Pock - Sather jerked this poor kid around last year and I honestly think that if Renny hadn't taken him out of the lineup for the series against Buffalo (and put Rachunek back in) we would have beaten the Sabres. He does everything asked of him and was great against the Thrashers.
37 Corey Potter - He spent a lot of last season in the E and should spend this year entirely in Hartford.
3 Michal Rozsival - By far the best defenseman on the team. Of course, he is not a No. 1 defenseman but his is still quite underrated and underappreciated.
59 Bobby Sanguinetti - The next Brian Leetch, right? Apparently he impressed in Traverse and if he puts on some muscle will start in the Garden next year.
56 Michael Sauer - I like this kid and think he should get a shot. A tough defensive defenseman, he would make life difficult for opposing forwards in the corners.
42 Marc Staal - Should we believe the hype? Hell yes. A future No. 1 defenseman, he has nothing to prove in juniors and would only waste time in Hartford. If we could only ditch Malik and put him alongside Rozy ... instead he is destined for small minutes on the third pairing alongside Mara.
34 Jason Strudwick - I understand the guy has character, but really, there is no reason for him to be here. He is old, he is slow and he has no offensive skills. Sorry Struds.
57 Jake Taylor - From what I hear, he is a Derian Hatcher type who can skate a little. Sounds really nice as there are no crease-clearing giants on the squad now.
51 Fedor Tyutin - Toots learned well from Kasper last year and was fantastic alongside Girardi. They were the most dependable pairing last year.

31 Chris Holt - He paid his dues, and I think he should either get a shot at starting in Hartford or get loaned somewhere else where he will get a chance to start in the A. Otherwise he will split time with Zaba in Charlotte.
71 Antoine Lafleur - I think he will end up back in junior, which is fine, most goalies need more time to develop.
30 Henrik Lundqvist - Hank needs to play like a king again if the Rangers are to do anything.
29 Al Montoya - I don't think he should back up Hank. How many top goaltenders rode shotgun first? Let him get top minutes in Hartford.
40 Stephen Valiquette - He won the biggest game of the year last year (after giving up a shit goal to the Blues, he calmed down and we came from behind to beat them in the turning point of the season), he deserves to get the backup job.
96 Miika Wiikman - A darkhorse, this guy apparently was a stud in Finland and was signed by Hartford directly. We may end up with a Sharks-like Nabokov/Kiprusoff/Toskala situation with him, Hank and Al.
98 Matt Zaba - Who knows, he may end up in the NHL someday. But not anytime soon. He will start for the Charlotte Checkers.

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