Saturday, September 29, 2007

Piss On Old Time Hockey

So I am at work so I missed the beginning of the Rangers Flyers feed on that Center Ice online feed. I finally get it working at 8:15 and see Shanny beating on Jason Smith. Nice. This is train of thought with no time references as there is no bug on the feed and I am trying to work at the same time ...

*Brandon Dubinsky scored a nice power play goal on a second effort. He was working the slot, which is what I have said the Rangers need to do on the man advantage. Hmmm, you can bang in a rebound if you are actually in front of the net; amazing how that works.

*Mike Richards evened things after Jagr took a dumb penalty. Henrik looked like he could have actually stopped the one-timer from the top of the circle but it may have deflected a little off of Blair Betts, who dived to try to block it. Hank was beleaguered in his crease all night long so maybe it got to him a little ...

*For all of you people who were upset we didn't give Marc Staal a chance last season, you were wrong. The kid is still learning and screwed up to set up the Flyers second goal of the game. With Danny Girardi already in the box Staal took a stupid penalty and the Bullies capitalized with a brilliant one-timer by Simon Gagne. Hank didn't have a chance at stopping it. 2-1 Flyers after two periods, both goals on 5-on-3 power plays. Disgusting.

*Damn work made me miss the beginning of the third period.

*At least I didn't miss this - tie game! Power play goal by the Rangers. Paul Mara beautiful one-timer from the point that was deftly tipped by Nigel Dawes through Marty Biron. Youthful blood will run through the Rangers veins this season.

*Rangers are cycling! This is beautiful to watch ...

*Renney is using his time out with 16 minutes left, wow, that doesn't happen too often. It's a smart move. It didn't amount to much, but I still think it was a smart move.

*Ben Eager and Hollweg are going back and forth at each other and its clean and no penalties were called. I love it, this should be great to watch all season long.

*Henrik should never, ever handle the puck behind the net; every time he does it results in a turnover.

*Ryan Callahan is fearless, driving right at the Flyers net. Yeah Cally!

*I may think that Jason Strudwick is too slow for the game, but he and Marc Staal just did stalwart work in front of the net while the Rangers were shorthanded. Strudwick is a good soldier, I can appreciate that.

*Never give up the play kids. A Rangers shot went through Biron and the Rangers curled away from the net instead of crashing it and Hatcher was able to clear it.

*NHL refs are nervous people. Hollweg had a great shift with three huge, perfectly clean hits and the refs call a bullshit call on him just to diffuse the play. Nothing on Simon Gagne who went after Hollweg though ... shocking.

*The Flyers have a fat kid who dances. It really is quite horrifying. Give me Dancin' Larry or Dancin' Grandma any day.

*Even on the high speed internet of one of the biggest media companies in the world, the NHL Center Ice online package isn't flawless with occasional hiccups and pauses. Annoying.

*We're winning! Marc Staal just scored on a nice slap shot from the point that sailed through traffic and went in through Biron's legs. It just barely trickled through his legs but it crossed the line and the Rangers are winning! Flyers use their time out - another good use of the pause in play.

*Good job by Jagr, yet again the so-called captain took a really f-ing stupid penalty and put his team in a bad spot. A minute left in the game and they are shorthanded.

*Hossa missed an empty net; the Rangers have to make the decision real soon who they want - Hossa who is big and kills penalties but has plateaued in his development or Nigel Dawes, who

*Game Over, Rangers win! Flyers Suck, Flyers Suck, Flyers Suck!!!!!!!!!

*I love how the 'Professional Hockey Writers Association picks the three stars yet they are usually homer picks.
Their three stars:
2-Mike Richards
1-Marty Biron

Scotty Hockey Three Stars

*Less than a week now until opening night, bring on those Panthers and let's get this party started for real!

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