Monday, September 10, 2007

Goalie Coach??

Former Ranger goaltender, and most recently Islander backup, Mike Dunham retired to become the goaltending coach for the Isles.

Now I understand that to be a good goalie coach you don't have to have been a good goaltender; just look at the Rangers Benoit Allaire, or the late Warren Strelow. Heck, most of the good coaches actually haven't played. But Mike Dunham? He was a losing goaltender who had pretty poor form and let in too many bad goals - as we saw firsthand when we thrust him into the starting job amid those horrid years A.R. (after Richter).

As a Ranger fan I am kinda disappointed to see him go, Wade Dubielewicz looked pretty solid last year and should be an upgrade. Although Dunham's teachings are certain to make him a better professional, one can only hope that Dunham will tinker with his and DP's form and screw them up even worse than they already are.

Oh, maybe Dubi should kiss Charles Wang's ass while he is on the island, wacko Wang would certainly make him team president!

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