Sunday, September 16, 2007

We Don't Need Another Goalie

The headline says it all, and sounds better when you sing it like Tina Turner.

Eklund over at is reporting a rumour that the Rangers will go after former Flyer Robert Esche. Now 95% of what Ek posts proves to be untrue, they are rumours after all, but I thought I would address it nonetheless.

First off, the Rangers don't need another goaltender. They have two possible backups - Steve Valiquette, who won the most important game of last season, and Al Montoya, who everyone claims is a blue chip prospect. Secondly, this is Robert Esche!

Esche was terrible last year. Yes he had two 20-plus win seasons with Philly and looked great at times, but overall he hasn't been all that good and has sucked internationally. All the info and numbers for his entire career are here. Not to mention that he is of dubious character ... he doesn't stand by his words, and in my eyes, that is unforgivable.

You say something, you stand by it.

And I stand by the notion that we don't need another goaltender, especially Robert Esche. If Sather and company really don't trust Vally or Al, I would rather they work some cap magic and go after Curtis Joseph, who is available and not ready for retirement. Joseph has played behind some bad defensive teams and can handle a ton of shots and would love one last chance for a cup. A ton of info on him here. While I am well aware of the Garden's penchant for American goaltenders (Beezer, Richter, etc.), I think Cujo would be a better choice should calamity happen and Hank get hurt -- perish the thought ...

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