Friday, October 5, 2007


Well that was a nice start to the season.

For those that didn't watch the game ... you suck. No seriously, you suck. You missed out. The Rangers played a period and a half of fantastic hockey, resulting in a 5-2 win over the Florida Panthers.

As I celebrated the win in our first game a little bit late at the bar and I have to be up for work, I will cut to the chase and go right to the three stars.
The Professional Hockey Writers had:
3. Marek Malik - he had three assists and still doesn't know how to skate or play defense. It is utterly amazing watching him rack up points and pluses while being entirely inept in his own end.
2. Jaromir Jagr - two assists and the fact that he is Jagr, but I really don't think he played like Jagr, he wasn't a dominant force that you notice every shift.
1. Chris Drury - the game winner and two assists give him the nod, and it was hilarious watching him come out and do the shortest spin and salute in recognition.

Now the Scotty Hockey Three Stars:
3. Ryan Callahan/Petr Prucha/Brandon Dubinski - I put their entire line because they all were great, banging, digging and shooting. Callahan's goal was particularly gorgeous and he was just throwing it at the net.
2. Dan Girardi - easily the best Rangers defender of the night, he hit, he played his position and he even went deep to help create offense. It was a pleasure watching him.
1. Chris Drury - Gotta give it to him, the guy is almost invisible most times out there until you need him, and then, bam, there he is.

All in all a nice start to the season, I shudder to think of the potential of this team once they play three periods of hockey, once Scott Gomez gets his timing right, and once they figure out a better third pairing than Paul Mara and Marc Staal. They just do not mesh well together. Mara works good with Toots, who works better with Girardi. Maybe try Mara and Pock, or Staal and Strudwick - that kinda worked in preseason.

Whatever, time to crash, Let's Go Rangers!

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