Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's Something To Try

He's 32.
He's moody.
He's injury prone.
Fans in several cites hate him.
He may just be the best option for the New York Rangers.
He is Jason Allison.

Now, for those out there that don't know me, I am loathe to plug in veterans over kids. But in this case, why the hell not? We have given Mark Smith and Dave Scatchard tryouts and neither have come close to putting up the career Allison had before sitting last year. Allison was once a top offensive pivot in the NHL and averaged just less than a point per game over 552 games (485 points).

Allison may be the perfect cure for the offensive drought that the Rangers are suffering. He can slide into the top center slot and should he play like he did on the LAPD line when he was on the Kings, he would be phenominal. He used to center Adam Deadmarsh and Ziggy Palffy and did so with a style that should blend better with Jaromir Jagr than anyone else on the Rangers roster. Allison plays a slow, puck possession game. Allison sees the ice well. Allison works the boards and does some dirty work. Take a look.

So why haven't we given him a shot yet?? All of his attributes should compliment Jagr's play and let's face it, at the moment anything could help.

Over the summer Allison told Canadian Press reporters that he is mentally and physically healthy and he is ready to make a comeback. He also said that all he wanted was a one-year, incentive-laden contract.

I say we give it to him.

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The Dark Ranger said...

Now THAT's a pretty good idea. Maybe Glenny is reading the blogs...might learn something.

Tonight is scary.