Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1-2: Rangers fall to Isles (of all teams)

Well, that was depressing. Here are some quick notes before I head to bed:

*Good atmosphere in the Mausoleum. Lotsa fans on both teams and everyone had a sense of humour so it was fun.

*The Isles were more physical all night long while the Rangers relegated Hollweg and Orr to the bench petrified that they would get called for silly penalties due to reputation (and Hollweg did).

*Ryan Callahan was the best Ranger on the ice, bar none. He was everywhere, doing everything.

*Everything I said about Jagr this summer appears to be coming true. He has not found any chemistry with Chris Drury or Scott Gomez (who has no chemistry with anyone on this team as of yet) and it seems like he is out there moping because his buddy Nylander isn't there to skate around in circles with him. He is taking lazy penalties, and only seemed to go full bore twice, and that was late in the game.

*The Rangers experiment of Marc Staal and Jason Strudwick needs to come to an end. I get it, veteran teaching rookie. They would both be better spent doing it in the AHL.

*Brandon Dubinsky must have slept with Renney's daughter or something. The kid played 2:58 of the game ... that's it. That is less than most goons get. And when he was out there, he tried to bang and get involved every second. Did it take him out of position once, yes. Can you blame him? Absolutely not. He has to do what he can with the time he gets. Total mistake by Tom Renney.


*I can admit that I actually saw glimmers of the potential that Marcel Hossa possesses. He had his moments, few and far between but they were there.

*When Jon Sim comes back, the Islanders will actually have the makings of a good junkyard dog of a team. Goddamn it.

*DP rarely had to make a great save, the Rangers barely tested him and they put 37 shots on net. Kinda sad. Hank on the other hand made an utterly gorgeous save, but still probably could have stopped Bergeron's goal off the faceoff (no matter how beautiful it was).

*I still don't understand how referees can call diving and then call the original penalty. Callahan got called for dive on a Berard hook, but the ref's arm didn't go up until after Callahan went down. A friend said Cally embellished, but if that is the case, wouldn't the ref have his hand up already for the first penalty?

*And finally, the PHW Three Stars:
3-Bergeron - goal and an assist
2-Berard - gwg
1-DP - 36 saves

And the Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-Callahan - see above.
2-Brendan Witt/Radek Martinek - They entirely eliminated the Rangers first line; altho without any chemistry, I am not sure how much there was, but still ...
1-Bergeron - his goal was sweeeeeet and he was solid on both ends of the ice.

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