Thursday, October 18, 2007

2-4: Rangers Embarassed By Atlanta 5-3

Well, wasn't that a disgrace?

First period observations
*First off, the camera work is utterly horrendous in Atlanta.

*Joe Michaletti is a joke. He incorrectly called two plays, including the first goal against. I hate him and feel confident that I can do much better.

*Rangers defense is getting beaten outside time and time again by speedy forwards. This is hard to watch.

*Even though he got hurt already for Edmonton, the lack of a stud like Sheldon Souray on the blueline is glaringly apparent - especially on this anemic power play.

*Bettsy would be sooooo good if he saw the empty parts of the net when he shoots, rather than the logo on the goaltender's jersey.

*Atlanta is truly the place where goaltender's go to die. Kari Lehtonen out with another groin strain. I think I've heard this before ... Damian Rhodes, Byron Dafoe, Pasi Nurminen ... ugh.

*2-0 after one isn't a huge deficit, but it won't be easy the way the Rangers are playing ...

Second period
*As Sam and Joe just mentioned before the break, Jagr has not been a factor but I don't think that that is due to the diligence of the Thrashers, rather, it seems like the big guy has Czeched out and doesn't care anymore. He floated through the Ottawa games too ...

*So they benched Malik for this one to send a message, they need to bench Rosy next game. He has been out of position and wayyy sloppy.

*Again, Ryan Callahan seems to be the only Ranger skater going balls-to-the-wall. Gotta love the kid's passion.

*That shorthanded goal was brutal. Hey Chris Drury, I know you are set for the next six years and don't have to fight for a contract, but we here in New York expect you to live up to it. Time to actually put on that Ranger jersey and play.

*Poor Hank. Another solid period. As my dad said, they should pull him and let Vally play. The only thing that gets served right now is another blow to his confidence as the team plays like ass in front of him.

*Pascal Dupuis' eyebrows are still scarier than his play on the ice but he still scored tonight. Ugh.

*I do believe that Renney is picking lines nursery rhymes style -- you know, duck, duck, goose!

Third period
*Nigel Dawes has no place on the New York Rangers. He let Garnet Exelby slip right past him with barely a yell after the Atlanta defenseman charged at Prucha.

*Colton Orr took his sweet time going after Exelby, then didn't get a single good shot in as that p*ssy tried to weasel out of his deserved punishment. Yes doing more would have risked suspension, but seriously, its Colton Orr. If he gets suspended five, 10 games, who is going to miss him? At least he would go out defending the honour of the Chiefs, I mean, the Rangers.

*Brendan Shanahan is incredible. The guy is a true veteran and statesman of the game. He hasn't been able to score and yet he kept throwing pucks at the net. Not to mention him standing up for Jagr with Exelby where the 'captain' did not stand up for himself.

*Hank ... poor bastard. Aside from the usual criticism I have for him that he shouldn't ever come out of the crease, I don't fault him for a single of the five goals against tonight.

*Marian Hossa's goal was sweeeeeeet. Definitely got all of the talent in that family.

*Dan Girardi had another all-around solid game. Rosy did not - time for him to ride the pine like his buddy Malik.

*Amazing how the Rangers power play scores when the guys *gasp* actually shoot the puck on the net.

*And I thought Mexicans were supposed to bust their asses working for money? Gomez is making a ton and barely showed up, collecting a late garbage goal.

Scotty Hockey note: I am heading up to Boston to watch these guys on Saturday, so I likely won't post again until Sunday when I get to work, lol. But seriously, feel bad for me and hope that just as I am showing up to the game, the team does as well ...


The Dark Ranger said...

BRING BACK MALIK.....BRING BACK MALIK.....BRING....what? What is happening there in Atlanta? What is happening to me? This is brutal fictional hockey!

Anonymous said...

Great Post! I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

Scotty Hockey said...

TDR, I want what you are drinking to oblitherate this disgrace from my mind and make me say utterly ridiculous stuff like BRING BACK MALIK ... nevermind, such chemicals do not exist that can make me say that ...

The Dark Ranger said...

scotty and rabbi---after this game, who deserves the next public flogging? I vote Rozsival! Way to go buddy in getting those Hank rebounds...

here's a good idea. On saturday, let's put Hank in goal, bring back Malik, attach skates to four wooden logs and play some f&^%ing hockey!