Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hmm, What To Expect ... ???

So the boys are back at the Garden tonight, but is that necessarily a good thing?

They are taking on the Devils, so there is sure to be a significant obnoxious b&t Jersey contingent - like the old folks right here, lol. Now for the team that isn't a bad thing, but if the Rangers come out halfheartedly -- or even worse gets behind by two or three goals quickly -- there would be some fisticuffs, and I don't mean Colton Orr dropping the gloves. Granted, Jersey fans aren't as loathed in Penn Plaza as Islander or Flyer fans, but right now the Blueshirt faithful are tense and tempers could flare. Thankfully the game is not on a Friday, or the booze would flow even more and make things worse.

Speaking of fighting, random sidenote, here is a good story on the history and philosophy of televising hockey fights up in Canada. As someone who has watched thousands of games and even worked in a TV truck, I was intrigued and will probably buy the book they speak of.

But back to the Rangers ... no Cally, which sucks as he has been the most entertaining player on the ice for us not named Hank - who, btw, was 3-0-1 against the Devs last season. I bet poor Prucha will get abused again by the hard-hitting Sutter squad. Keep an eye on David Clarkson as he will be the main offender with our boy Janssen out. Who knows, maybe something like that can spark the team but after what happened with XLB, I am not quite sure ...

All I know is that I am excited to get to the Garden, so Let's Go Rangers!


Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to Callahan? Did I miss something during the Penguins game? Scott, can't wait to cuddle with you in Section 329 tonight.


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