Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well, There Goes My Savings

Today your's truly was invited to a special media tour of the new NHL store in midtown Manhattan. Located at 47th and 6th, the store actually was much better than I expected.

There is the obligatory Reebok sneakers and homage to poster girl Cindy Crosby, but there are some cool things. Rather than post all of the photos here, I started one of those Flickr accounts and you can see some of the pics I took there. They have some of the RBK stuff (eh) but flush out the selection with a lot of Vintage NHL products and that is pretty awesome. I have my sights set on the original Senators t-shirt with the big O, 'cause we all want a big O, right?

But for all of the cool stuff that will sap money out of my wallet, the place has its issues. The picture above is the first thing you see when you walk into the store. That's right, Bolts, Blues and Flames players. Because the way to draw New York City hockey fans and tourists is to promote small market teams devoid of superstars - sorry Jarome, outside of hockey nuts and Calgary, the average person has no idea of who you are. So the regular Joe off the street is going to curiously come in and go, who the hell are they?

Can the NHL do anything right??

On a side note, I am sorry about the lack of posts, life has been a bit hectic. I will post more Caps Isles pics sooner or later and likely on that Flickr page, I just have to get some time to sort through them. Oh, and as for the Rangers, Sean Avery is out, but of course rather than give promising youth Nigel Dawes a chance, we will get re-tread Marcel Hossa tomorrow night. Incidentally, I am heading out to the Mausoleum again tomorrow for the Rangers Isles battle -- I hope I don't catch an STD from one of their surgically-enhanced ice girls ... wish me luck!!

EDIT: The NHL got back to me on the players in the front saying: "The three players in the front will rotate from different teams from around the league. The focus is to be a store that represents the entire league, not just the three locals (though their importance is not to be taken for granted, I assure you). " While that is reassuring, I do think that at least one needs to be of a local team at all times.


Anonymous said...

HHiya babe. Glad to hear that the new NHL store has its high points, and gives you another outlet to throw away, i mean, cough, invest your semi-hard earned money. Not like i can talk, im an expert at spending, and mostly on things that are not really necessary. I'm looking forward to going to the colleseum (with you) to watch the first match between our beloved rangers(excluding malik) and loathed islanders. As for your ice girl STD comment.... i wouldnt be shocked if several-if not all-of those busted ice bitches would give you gonorrhea or something else not worth receiving, but as the definition of the term implies, you have to actually have the sex with one of them to be infected. If that is your plan, best of luck to you, i will refer you to a good doctor, and dont ever kiss me again :)~ Anyways, LETS GO RANGERS ! love you!

jbrown321 said...


This is what you get for sharing your Rangers Blog-iary with your GF. We all know that there's no way in hell you could ever score an Islanders Ice Girl, they're way out of your league. Cannot wait to hold hands with you, er, root for the Rangers on Oct. 25 v Devils.

Hugs, JB

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Cindy crosby doesn't have chicks commenting on his blog

Anonymous said...

scotty, although i know i should leave jason's mildly amusing comments alone, my own pride will get the better of me on this one. It's one thing when i or others ocasionally make fun you, but to be insulting and downright mean, is totally unacceptable. By claiming the Islander icegirls are out of your league, your friend Jason has essentially put me in a category where islander girls (and whores alike) are to be considered more esteemed, more desirable, and more attractive than i am, which, we know, is definitely not the case. I may be a midget, but im a pretty damn cute one. So, Jason, i have to ask, have you ever really seen these busted islander ice whores up close? If so, then are you under the care of an apparently bad psychiatrist, or do you just have no taste what-so-ever? There are very few icegirls that are actully attractive above the neck, and to make matters worse, they use about 3lbs of make-up to try and hide it,to no avail, of course. Whatever physical appeal that remains, was bought from Dr Steven T Greenberg, MD, ASPS of Woodbury at a group discount. Oh, and if you look close enough, you might be able to see the bruises on their knees, since part of their job for yesterday's game against the Rangers consisted of a private pregame celebration with the refs. In their defense, i guess they have to earn their salary some how.... With all that in mind, i do agree that scott is not in the same league as those ice skating pole dancers, and sleeping with one would definitely be in conflict with his standards. The true reason the icegirls would not pay him much attention is because he is not exactly the typical Strong Island meathead prettyboy or Lexus driving yuppy that would interest any of those greedy long island gold-digging sluts. Ok, well i've said my peace to Jason. Baby, i love you and i will comment on your most recent blog a little later, im gonna try and go back to sleep for a little while.