Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bye Bye Bob

Isn't this a nice turn of events?

The Atlanta Thrashers just canned head coach Bob Hartley. Atlanta started 0-6 and then finally decided to make the change; although they should have fired him last season after lifting Kari Lehtonen from the Rangers series after just one game. So, technically, the Thrashers lost 10 straight games that counted and ditched Hartley, who took them to the playoffs after being a laughingstock for some many years. Don Waddell, the GM who wasted their franchise's future in several bad moves to make a run last year, will temporarily take the helm.

Now that means one of two things for the Rangers - they will either a) face a team in disarray tomorrow night or b) play a bunch of guys who will do whatever it takes to impress the boss and keep their jobs. Sometimes that works (Darryl Sutter in 2004), but more often it fails (see Lou Lamoriello last year, or Doug MacLean any year). And since Atlanta is, well, Atlanta, I will take option b.

Side note on the Rangers for tomorrow: Sam is writing that Nigel Dawes will likely take Hossa's spot tomorrow on the first line. Gotta love the Rangers - like with Isbister last year, they have guys who are first line or press box players. Also, if you click on the link, Sam also gives us the (likely) false hope that Marek Malik will be benched in favour of Tom Pock. One can only pray ...

Let's Go Rangers!

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The Dark Ranger said...

I am locking myself in a room tonight, away from my wife and kids and dog. Sitting with an Old Milwaukee six-pack at 7PM EST tonight. I will begin the night huddled in a corner, bunched in a ball, my hands covering my eyes, peeking through to the LCD high-def for tonight's game, hoping that we get our act together. My Lundquist jersey will be displayed to the right of the tv, my Messier to the left.

Looking back over the last couple of months, I am guilty of mentioning Stanley Cup pre-season - we all are - I am guilty of celebrating Shanahan, Drury, Gomez and especially Nylander's departure. So here we are.

The Thrashers now have so much to prove it will all be hard to watch tonight -- and the only option is for New York to DESTROY THEM FURTHER INTO OBLIVION. A loss tonight to Atlanta will be unwatchable.

It'll be a ride either way with no middle ground...