Friday, October 26, 2007

3-5-1: Rangers Beat Devils 2-0

Ok, so I stayed at the bar late celebrating the win and talking hockey so this will have to be a bit brief ... my thoughts and observations on the game.

*Ok, yes, I said that Nigel Dawes had "no place on the Rangers" but that was because he didn't stand up for his teammates and hammer XLB after his holiganism in that Thrashers game. I have always advocated him for a spot on the team over Marcel Hossa based on skill and potential ...

*Speaking of skill and potential, I loved watching Dawes skate with Dubi and Prucha on the power play. So fun to watch. And they all came up through the system rather than were signed for a stupid, waste of money (I'm looking at you Gomer).

*Jagr still looks disinterested out there, and he is supposed to be the captain. I said it once, I will say it again, Take the C away!!!

*Hank is so good. So very, very good. But Marty's save was fantasic. Donno if it was better than Hank's on Marc Savard from the other day but it was close ...

*Ryan Hollweg played one of his better games but still got called for a bullsh-t penalty. With the refs clearly out to get him, maybe its time to bench/trade/demote the guy.

*Marek Malik played his third straight solid game. I managed not to boo him a single time. Again, when does Renney finally bench Rozy too? Especially if it can get this kind of turnaround ... ???

*Paul Mara had better shape up soon or be shipped out. He looked sloppy and ineffective, especially compared to young Marc Staal who was playing alongside him. Several times I was asked if Staal was playing and that is exactly it - when a steady defensive defenseman is doing his job well, he is virtually invisible on the ice. Good game by the kid.

*Fantastic game by the pairing of Girardi and Tyutin. If you just watched Tyutin in the third period, he gave a flawless demonstration of how to play defense, a la former Ranger Mattias Norstrom. It was awesome to watch.

*I know I should take heart in the win but this very same night had several strange surprising results - Toronto beat Pittsburgh, Edmonton beat Minnesota, Phoenix over Anaheim and LA beat Dallas ... who'da thunk it?!?

*In further good news, Jed had an assist tonight as the Preds beat the Thrashers. We heart Jed here at Scotty Hockey.

*And finally, the PHW 3 Stars:
3-Marty - interesting info from the AP: Brodeur has played in 69 of 71 Devils games against the Rangers, dating to Dec. 26, 1993. (but I found out that he played two other games before then as well, which is weird or just makes one of the sites wrong ...

Scotty Hockey Three Stars
3-The pairing of Tyutin-Girardi
2-Dubi-Pru-Dawes on the power play
1-Hank, even though he should never, ever come out of the crease to handle the puck

Bedtime for me, Let's Go Rangers!

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The Dark Ranger said...

Tyutin was FANTASTIC!!!! I left him out of my post-game recap...he was so 'on' and the pairing with Girardi I couldn't agree more.

The defense is looking strong - strange to be saying that. Hank was great. The young'ens are out there to prove something, just as Girardi and Callahan did end of last season. I like this team right now, minus the lazy veterans. Unbelievable.