Saturday, October 27, 2007

3-6-1: Rangers Get Raked By The Leafs 4-1

So, I, uhhh, wrote that post this afternoon never imagining that the Rangers defense would fall to pieces to Toronto of all teams. I was unable to make it to this home game due to work but thanks to Rangers Rewind I still caught this massacre so onto what I saw:

*The offense still isn't working. No shock there.

*The defense was suspect, and that hurts where it counts. Stupid turnovers and soft play in the Rangers zone cost them the game. Not to mention that Hank should never, ever, EVER come out of the crease to play the puck.

*I love seeing Prucha and Dubi on the power play but definitely on alongside Jagr. They add speed and energy while he kills all momentum.

*At what point does Renney start giving ice time based on how the players are playing rather than how they played in the past? Reputation only goes so far.

*Goddammit take the f-ing C off of Jagr's jersey. Listen to the post-game sound on MSG (they have Shanny's here). Jagr just mumbles how they need to score more while Shanny calls the team out.

*Big Nik Antropov went from human disaster to Leafs scoring ace. There is hope for Malik yet.

*All of Chris Drury's best scoring chances this season have come while on special teams, particularly shorthanded. He truly does need some sense of urgency to step up his game. And unfortunately, I don't know if that is a good thing anymore considering the dearth of offense right now.

*Speaking of such, when Gomez was knocked into the Leafs net by Sundin, he hit his head on the crossbar as he fell over Toskala. It didn't show itself tonight, but maybe the blow knocked some sense (some offense?) into him.

*Paul Mara is getting paid good money to play the point on the power play but for his salary he should at least be serviceable in his own end. I would rather see Andrew Hutchinson because he brings the same things to the game at a much cheaper pricetag.

*Marcel Hossa was the only Ranger to come through the game +1 -- further evidence that plus/minus means nothing.

*Speaking of no skill players, you are down two goals, why the hell isn't your enforcer trying to pick a fight?

*At least the Islanders were embarrassed 8-3 tonight. That makes me smile.

*PHW Three Stars:
3-Jagr - lone Rangers goal.
2-Toskala - 32 saves.
1-Kaberle - he had two assists, big deal, they should have gone to Rangers players.

Scotty Hockey Three Stars:
3-Hal Gill - 25 solid minutes and pissed off Jagr every shift.
2-Pavel Kubina - 26 minutes, goal, assist, good luck to get +3 for his fantasy owners.
1-Toskala - He covered the bottom of the net, which was all he had to do as the Rangers couldn't get a shot in the air on net.

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Loser Domi said...

That picture of Sundin cracks me up, just for his expression. That is all.